Uwu Biz is a boutique games industry consultancy.

What do we do?

We are a new, small consultancy led by very experienced games industry business developers. We focus on supporting developers and publishers who are experiencing (or will experience) success.

We do not have a standard service offering for studios, because each and every studio has different needs. Below, you can find some examples of what we do.

We have a huge amount of experience in helping run games studios, supporting self-publishing, publishing games, and business development strategy.


We've done 10s of millions of dollars worth of platform deals in the past, and have excellent relations with platforms and funders, and deep knowledge of how they work.

We'll help you fine tune your pitches, get you more money at the negotiation table, introduce you to everyone you need to talk to, or tell you who you absolutely shouldn't talk to and avoid.

Finally - we'll help you on your long tail strategy, and help you get more sales on each platform.


We've managed business, strategy, and many other things for huge games like Among Us, Gang Beasts, SUPERHOT, What The Golf? and more.

We've been through the pre and post launch processes of self-publishing many times and can help you anticipate opportunities and challenges as well as reacting to them when they happen. We've hired many people for studios, managed merch, worked with platforms, implemented leadership training and generally taken care of everything that's needed.


We've done a mixture of scouting, portfolio management, and publisher set up for companies like Raw Fury, Kowloon Nights, SUPERHOT Presents, Yogscast, Netease, A24, Modern Wolf, Amazon, and Oculus.

We can help your portfolio companies with BD, outsourcing, partnerships. We can also contribute to portfolio strategy, help to sign and ship games, work with platforms and improve your processes.


We've helped to set up multiple new companies from scratch as well as supporting mature companies. We'll help you build forecasts, hire new lawyers/accountants, implement better processes, and put together data-led comp analysis. Should you go down the M&A or investment path, we'll help build your data room, manage due diligence, and support with pitching.

Also, we love spreadsheets.

Some of our clients

Who are we?

Callum Underwood
Ex-Founder and CEO of Robot Teddy (exited)
Co-founder of IndieBI


Alex Nicholson
Ex-Operations Director at Modern Wolf
Ex-Robot Teddy, Caffeine



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